Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No Internet for Sherry! Call for Help!

Sherry has no Internet, Sherry has no Internet.

She told me to post whatever I want on her blog.

If this goes on much longer, she is going to have to resort to sitting with her children playing bored, I mean board games, talking, reading and doing all that stuff that people used to do before you-know-who invented the Internet.

Posted by The One Who Gardens


athomemama said...

Whatta good sister, posting for her kid sister in distress!!
Sherry, you are crackin' me up with this but I would be exactly the same if (and when) it happened to me.
Hope you are back up soon!!

Around The Funny Farm said...

I wondered where you went! Get that internet back! Hurry! I miss you!

Nicky said...

POOP! Miss you! Smooch.

eleanor said...

It's up now. Imagine, 2 whole days without internet. She would call them & they would say 'we're working on it dear'. Finally, things can get back to normal - Sherry - SHERRY - get off the computer