Saturday, January 12, 2008

Little boys

Little boys are so sweet, don't you think?

The youngest left his brother this note on the bed yesterday.

"My brother is the best brother in the world. I love you."

Isn't that nice? I know the picture isn't great, but you can feel the love, can't you?

The same little, sweet, innocent boy, drew this picture which I found on my dresser later that day.....

Isn't he sweet?
It says, "I love my mom"

Doesn't that just melt your heart?

What a sweet little boy you say.

Bring that image to a screeching halt! This same little boy later in the day stuffed pennies between piano keys where they proceeded to become stuck. How can a little boy be so sweet one minute, and then turn around and do something like stuff pennies beneath piano keys?

Does anyone know how to get pennies out from beneath piano keys? I really, REALLY don't want to call in a professional......

Before he stuffed pennies beneath the piano keys, this post was going to be all about spontaneously doing nice things for one another. How sometimes it's just nice to let someone know, out of the blue, that you love and appreciate them. Wouldn't that have been a nice post?

But now, all I can focus on is how am I going to get those pennies out from beneath those keys?


Christine said...

One minute I would sell them all for a nickle, the next I wouldn't take any amount of money for any one of them. I know just how you feel. Sorry, can't help with the penny problem, though. That just happens to be one problem I have never had to deal with. Yet. Good luck!!

Carol said...

The pennies are beneath the keys? How did he get them in there like that? I guess he needs to write an "I'm sorry" note, now.

Hey, do you still have those tiny footprints on the playroom floor from when he inked up the bottom of his foot with permanent ink and walked all over it?

eleanor said...

Surely it wasn't your precious youngest son who put pennies in the piano. It must have been some devilish little imp. But I happen to know he will do something sweet & he'll be forgiven.