Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Cat House

This is one of dear daughter's favorite birthday presents from this past year. It's a cat house/tower given to her by her oldest sisters. She loves this cat house.

And so do Esther and Ruby, her two favorite cats.

Simple. Functional. Fits nicely in my daughter's bedroom.

This is my Prince Charming's sister's cat house.


I wouldn't lie about anything to do with animals.

Prince Charming's sister had Dirtball and Paddington for years before she met her Prince Charming, who unfortunately, was deathly allergic to cats. (Can you imagine?)

For a while, the two pampered felines lived in their own apartment with their own tv.

Now, most people would have solved this delimma by simply finding the two beloved cats a good home. But, when you have a genetic defect, this just isn't possible. If you have this genetic defect you know what I'm talking about.

So, Prince Charming's sister's beloved built her cats their very own house. Complete with running water, heat and air conditioning. Lovely french doors opening onto their own private deck. Kitty paradise.

I think this proves my point that the genetic defect inherited by my children is definitely stronger from the paternal side, don't you agree?

DirtBall went to Kitty heaven a few years back. Paddington joined him this year, after 25 years here on earth, living the life of a very pampered feline.

Now what will become of the cat house?


eleanor said...

Well, she'll just have to get new tenants for the cat house. It would be a shame to let it go empty, unless she wants to take it apart & have it hauled over here. Oh, I forgot, our cats already have a house - with us.

Charmaine said...

Wow. That's a little overboard!! Can I convince her we are a family of cats?

athomemama said...

I wanna live in SIL's cat house too...that is cushy! I do like Sophie's practical one but I can totally see her building a house for her pets someday!