Friday, January 4, 2008

The Last One

It's the LAST one. I promise. Ohhh....I know. I've said it before. But who among you can't say the same thing about some vice or another?

I've struggled for years. I know there is an addictive unknown substance in it. It's not my fault....


This time it's for real.

I need YOU to hold me accountable. If you are one of the friends or family I have trained to bring these to me when coming to my house. STOP! No more!

Not even if I beg!

The last one.........

Goodbye, my love, my diet coke.


Carol said...

Switch to Starbucks iced green tea. It's good for you! You don't have to give it up, ever! I never could understand what you all liked about those nasty, carbonated, syrupy ol' McDiet Cokes, anyway. You are better off without it!

eleanor said...

OK family & friends. We've been thru this before. Be prepared for quick tempers, grouchiness, and all negitive behavories. But we can prevail, as we have before. This too will end, one way or another, it will end. Good luck baby daughter

Annie in Austin said...

Hello Sherry with the Homestead,

It's good to meet you and you've got a cool blog up and running, but why are you giving up the Diet Coke? Is it the no-fussing coach's idea?

I keep cans of Diet Coke with lime in my pantry for emergencies ...herb tea is okay, but some days require carbonation.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Charmaine said...

Woo-hoo! Go Sherry go! You will feel better without all the artificial stuff running through your veins. If you get discouraged, just google "weight loss and diet soda" -- apparently the artificial sweeteners actually make you feel more hungry! That's why I always go for the full blown Coke. Tee hee! Really, I have FINALLY developed a taste for water after 30+ years of life. It can happen!

athomemama said...

We are right behind you, sister!! I need to give up my very serious coffee addiction!! thanks for the encouraging blog...I will have to do a similar one with my lovely cup of joe...whip and steam all inviting and tempting!! We can do it!! We CAN do it!! Hang in there, lady!