Sunday, December 7, 2008


You know what the secret is to finding "Treasures in the Attic" don't you?
Send your neighbor on the treasure hunt. . What you overlook or think isn't too exciting, they may discover and see as a worthy treasure.

Take this trunk. I don't know where it started life, but I know that my father rescued it from a barn and it belonged to his father or grandfather. He acquired it in the 70's, painted it, then my mom sent it to the basement where it was living underneath the stairs covered up with all kinds of stuff until my neighbor discovered it. My neighbor (I can't remember why she was even down there).... saw it and insisted I bring it upstairs.

It really doesn't look too bad in the living room. And it's a great place to store the pet "stuff".

Know what it used to store? Long forgotten prom dresses, party dresses, and ballroom dancing dresses. I remember seeing these dresses when I was very young, but I just assumed that they had long since disappeared.

This was my mom's prom dress in 1947.

She said she was mortified when she got to the prom and discovered that everyone else was wearing the same dress. Apparently it was THE DRESS to wear that year.

This was a ballroom gown that she wore in the late 50's I believe. The gardening aunt has a picture of Grandma in this dress....maybe she'll read this post, dig up the picture, scan it, and insert it into the post (hint, hint, hint).

(Who says Carol can't take a hint?)
The dress used to be completely green, but the satin has faded to gold with time. I guess it's allowed since it's pushing 60 years old.

Here's the best dress.

My grandmother made this dress for my mom for a dance her first (and only) year at IU.

I think that was in 1949 maybe?

It's a great dress for dancing....

And spinning....

And the best part of this dress is that I remember when we were little either our Grandmother or our Mom (I don't know which one) made a matching dress for a barbie doll. That's buried in another box in the basement somewhere.....

What's buried in your basement?

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Someone Needs a Dog Trainer

What do you think you're doing?

Who ME?