Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good-bye Dear Friend

Good-bye my dear friend! Good-bye!

I remember when we first met. You were so beautiful. Exactly what our family was looking for. We were in awe at all you could do.

We brought you home. We lovingly set you up in your new domain. We gave you everything you wanted, which wasn't much. Just some paper to eat, some electricity to feed you, along with an occasional electronic message from time to time.

But in return you gave us so much. You gave the children pages to color of Ancient Roman Soldiers, Native American Indians, Fairly Tale Princesses. Sure, you spit out the occasional Math test or other such nastiness, but the children forgave you, and I for one, loved you for it.

It was so sad, the other morning, when I sent you a Math test, assuming you would lovingly process it and present it to me, your master.

But nothing happened.

I waited.

Why is she not obeying me? What has happened?

I rushed to you, and tears came to my eyes. Your back hinge was broken, allowing light to penetrate on your insides. You couldn't function with that huge gap in your backside, after-all, you're not a plumber. (Wait, how in tarnation did that slip in?This is supposed to be a serious and somber post. Get with the program!)

How did this injury occur? Who could have put such pressure on you as to make you blow a hinge?


Refusing to believe, I called the Doctors, the experts.

I could barely understand the broken English. But the message was clear. The part you needed was no longer available. You were too old. To me, you would always be young, but in your world, 3 years is ancient. You are geriatric. Obsolete. Pushed aside for smaller and better.

But I still loved you.

I hung up the phone, devastation in my heart.

Will life ever be the same without you? Will Prince Charming come to the rescue?

Stay tuned............


eleanor said...

So, was Peridot the culprit in the demise of your old friend? Maybe she was jealous of the attention old friend got. Or maybe that was just a convenient perch, so she can look out the window. Maybe 'old friend' can be replaced with one that has spikes on the top so it won't make such a good seat. Ah well, life is short, especially if you're a copier.

athomemama said...

you make me giggle. this post is funny. you, my dear, are creative! sure you don't want to be a writer? life is dull without Sherry! :)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I was about to get upset for you. Ha...the copier bit the dust. So be it. It needs replacing. The next one will maybe be a little warmer so your cat will like to sit on it too, especially this time of year.

Around The Funny Farm said...

Funny yet serious...

We live by these gadgets... and die by these gadgets... lololol

Okay..not really!

Around The Funny Farm said...

Ooohhh.. I just saw your book list! I love, love, love books! In fact.. I started my own "Barrel Racer's Book Club" for folks like me who happen to barrel race! lol

Here are some of my recommendations for young adults!

The Bridge to Terabithia
Homecoming by Cynthia Voight and the rest of that series.

:-) Beth