Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Meet Diamond.

She's kind of a snooty-looking cat, don't you think?

Diamond came into our lives accidentally (of course). It was a cold, very cold, wet, windy, miserable January day. My husband was drawn to the basement by some strange noises.....

20 seconds later..... Uh. oh. I could feel it coming. Years of living with a genetically defective male had taught me to sense when a situation such as this was brewing.

"It's a kitty! She's so cold and scared! We need to feed her and get her warm!"

Now how did she get in the basement you ask? Well...

Don't all homes have a secret cat door? Trouble is, this one was from years and years ago, when I lived in the house as a child, and we had forgotten about this cat door leading directly into the basement.

But Diamond found it...
That's what desperate, knocked up cats do. They survive. And they find the suckers.
They can smell them.

It took my daughter all of above 30 seconds to name her and claim her after meeting her. And, after attempts to find an owner failed, Diamond became part of our family. After all, Diamonds are a girl's best friend.


Christine said...

We got adopted by a very pretty, longhaired cat not too long ago. She's very wary of people, but will come pretty close when food is being scraped outside. She/he makes six, but wait four or five monthes, one or both of our mommas will have had kitties. Come to think of it, probably one or two of the other ones, too. Yes, I seriously need to get a couple of them fixed.

eleanor said...

Diamond definately thinks she is queen of the castle, even to being a little snooty. She also rules over her 3 kits, giving them a swat if they get in her way. She also gives them this look that says 'what are you still doing here, this is MY home'. She used to swat at me if I tried to move her or tell her what to do, but with a lot of TLC & neck scratching, she has gotten a lot tamer. I think she is here to stay.