Saturday, January 5, 2008

Meet the "Old Ladies"

Meet "the old ladies" of our family.

This is Skippy.

Skippy wandered into our lives one day the fall we were married. Came bouncing into our lives is more like it. She was a wild, wild thing. So full of energy and vigor. We could only dream of the day when she would slow down.

She was so sick when she wandered into our yard where step-daughter happened to be lounging.

"OH! Look! She looks so sad....I wonder if she has a home? Maybe we should keep her? "

We'd heard this before.....

The dog hung around a day or two, and being genetically altered as we are, we were compelled to start feeding her, petting her, and eventually, we fell in love.

We took her to the vet. He of course prescribed many expensive medicines to cure her of the worms she brought with her, and we nursed her back to health. She became one of the family.

She is now old, blind (cataracts), and incontinent due to the vast quantity of diuretics she takes for her congestive heart failure. She tries to make it outside, bless her heart, but sometimes she isn't even aware of her "issue".

She now lives in the retirement room in our house. It's a nice edition that Grandma added on when we moved in. She moved in her desk, her computer, her sewing machine and we haven't seen her since...(No, just kidding!)

Grandma didn't want her picture taken. She was a real beauty in her youth.

For those of us who know her and love her, she's still a real beauty.

This is her dog, Missy.

Could you look up Missy?

Sigh.... I guess not.

Missy is very shy except when it comes to Grandma. She loves her mother and rules over her. In her youth, she would play the role of guard dog very well despite her small size. She came into Grandma's life via my sister-in-law. My S.I.L. is very allergic to animals. She fell in love with Missy and wanted her desparately. How could such a little thing possibly have enough fur and dander to affect her allergies?

Easily. S.I.L. called Grandma begging her to please consider taking Missy. She wanted to keep her in the family so she could at least visit. At first sight, Grandma was in love and Missy came home to live with her.

Shortly thereafter, Grandma bought Missy a sister, Annie, may she rest in peace. She went to Doggie Heaven a year or two ago and it was very difficult for Missy and Grandma.

Anyway, Missy also has cataracts, congestive heart failure, and some "issues".

So, the three old ladies, Grandma, Missy, and Skippy while away the days in "Maine Woods", Grandma's retreat. They're very happy in there altogether with their "issues" contained all in one spot.

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eleanor said...

Sherry failed to mention, that even tho they are young, 3 of the cats call my room home most of the time. Diamond (the mother cat) Opal, & Peridot (2 of her kits). I finally gave in & keep a bowl of food in my room for them, but for their other needs they can go outside thru the cat door. No litter boxes in my room, please. Too bad the dogs don't use litter boxes.