Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Meet Muncie

Meet Muncie,

The dog...not the destination.

Muncie is the alpha animal in our home. She is my daughter's best friend, Prince Charming's foot warmer, and the family defender - to an annoying degree.

Muncie is a rescued dog sort of (of course, you're not surprised are you?) A pet store reject.

It all started with an innocent drive to the next town. On the way home we stopped at a pet store we had not yet visited (yes, they do exist). I waited in the car with the baby (big mistake).

A short time later, Prince Charming comes out with "that look" on his face.


"There's a baby dachshund half price, just quaking and shivering in there. She's soo scared. Don't you think we should take her home?"


Besides. We weren't in the market for a dog.

The forlorn faces pile into the car with the "Mean Mommy." We head toward home.

I'm happily deep in conversation (obviously with myself) when all of a sudden Prince Charming brings the car to a screeching halt in the middle of the highway. What in tarn-hill is the deal???

Prince Charming....."We have to go back."


"It's destiny. I've bonded. We have no choice. We have to go back."

Not hearing a word of my protests, "You've got to be crazy."...."No-way"....."This is nuts", Prince Charming does a u-ey in the middle of the highway and heads back to the pet store to rescue the damsel in distress.

Never even asking why she was half-price (I did.....she was returned - "it didn't work out") Prince Charming whips out the credit card, places the puppy into my daughter's arms and before I could comprehend the situation, the dog was home in her new domain....

Where our lives have never been the same since, but we won't go down that road now...we'll let the fairy tale end happily for right now.


athomemama said...


glad you aren't actually going to Muncie!!

eleanor said...

Sherry, you must tell the story of the efforts to train Muncie to be a 'good' dog. I'll never forget the look on her face when you got a private trainer who meant business. Priceless

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Muncie reminds me of Hobie. He was a dashhound (sp) of a friend of mine that passed just over a year ago. He was much as you say Muncie is. Hobie loved to go swimming in the pool and was a great friend to us. It makes me miss him seeing Muncie's photo. I bet you have lots of Muncie stories. I would love to hear them.