Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Family Jewels

Don't' you think every child should have the experience of owning a pet who gives birth? What better way to teach them about the birth process, other than Animal Planet or a home birth, (we won't go there).

So, soon after Diamond became a part of our family, she gave birth in Dear Daughter's closet.

It started in the evening, and by midnight, all 4 beautiful kittens had arrived safely into the world.

Now, Prince Charming's idea was to raise the kittens to the tender age of 6 or 8 weeks, then find them all good homes.

He hadn't counted on the fact that all of his children had inherited THE GENE. The gene that would not allow the children to give away any of their beloved kittens. Of the 4 kittens, 3 were female, one was male. Turns out, someone heard about the kittens and begged us to give them one. They chose the male, and he did go to a good home where his owner, a cute little boy, gives him plenty of love.

But back on the home front, the offspring with their GENE, were traumatized. It was too much for the Grandmother, and she and the offspring went to battle.

Guess who won?

Meet Opal, Ruby, and Peridot.

No more "jewels" please. I think they have us outnumbered, don't you?


athomemama said...

Yup, I think you have enough cats for the rest of us!
I used to like cats till I had kids. guess that GENE isn't too strong in me! please don't hate me, W people.

Charmaine said...

So HOW many cats do you have altogether? I think you need to do an animal inventory blog post...

Kathy said...

Here gene lives here too. When we got 2 guinea pigs, we did not know they were expecting until a baby appeared. We had 3 babies total, all female. So of course, we kept them all. Now, only the original pig is still living.
Kathy, the older sister.

athomemama said...

Hey, I'm ALL for the homebirth experience honestly...wanna watch my video??

hee hee.

eleanor said...

You didn't mention that the 4 cats are known as the Drops, for Diamond, Ruby, Opal & Peridot. And to correct some misinformation, I did not object to keeping the kits. PC did, but not very strongly. So we're all guilty of the cat over-population. (Better cats than mice)