Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Back to life

Is there anything worse than a drab, dreary, sunless winter day?

A drab winter day when your dog is in "Mouse Mode"?

She assumes the posture, the back foot starts vibrating viciously, and you know....their has been an invasion....

But, you know what's even worse than that?

A blog-a-holics worst nightmare....



I have always loved email. For me, it's the way I relax and unwind. And since my big sister set me up with blogging (thanks for that post yesterday Gardening Sister), I've added blogging to my long list of addictions.

You would think I would have gotten all sorts of things accomplished the last 32 hours and 56 minutes.

But NO. I was paralysed. Immobilized. Out of commission.

Do you understand? Are you sympathetic?

The more email I read, the more blogs I visit, the more productive I am in other parts of my life. It's probably part of the check-list mentality. The more things I get done, the more I want to do, the more that gets done.

Each email is like a check mark on my list. Each blog read brings a smile to my heart, a feeling that in this big world, people really are all alike. They want happiness for their families, some want a little of the earth to till and improve, some want a book to read, but we're all alike. We aren't strangers engaged in a road-rage battle. We're not that harried idiot who steels the perfect parking spot we were waiting for, or that cashier who takes FOREVER when your toddler announces they have to go "potty" right now........ When we email and blog, we are all part of that circle of friendship.

In a world where we don't know our neighbors across the street, but have shared intimate moments of our life with people half way across the country or the world, to be without Internet access is to be cut-off from life, marooned on a desert island.



Muncie is out of "Mouse Mode"

The sun is shining!

And best of all....We're no longer on a deserted island. We have returned to civilization......

Yes, all is right with the world..........


athomemama said...

Amen and AMEN! You are right on, sister. And I'm so glad you are up and running today!
Welcome back, blogging we missed you!

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Sherry is B-A-C-K!!!

You are becoming one of my "must check" BLOGS!

I use a reward system for myself...

I'll have to make a post about how I do that sometime soon... lol

Glad your online again.
:-) Beth

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Yippeeee. I feel your joy. :)

vonlafin said...

I second that "AMEN". I sometimes wonder what it would be like if we all got together for lunch? I think that it would be a very long lunch!!!