Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Birthday

Hi Sophie! Whatcha doing? Do you want to hang out with me? It's my birthday...Sophie? Sophia? HEY YOU - on the WII ! It's me - MOM.
Oh...never mind....

Hi Sam and Seth! Watcha doing? Wanna hang out with me? It's my birthday. Sam? Seth? HEY YOU GUYS! IT's ME! YOUR MOTHER??? Oh. Sorry. Didn't realize you were in the middle of battling the Huns.....

Hi Hunny..Whatcha doing? Hey! You! On the Nintendo DS lite! IT's YOUR WIFE! The LOVE of your life! It's my BIRTHDAY! I need some attention here! Oh. Sorry. Didn't realize you were playing Brain Age. sorry........

A Miracle

It's a MIRACLE - a MIRACLE I tell you! Something has happened in this household that has never happened before, and will likely never happen again. Are you ready?
Scroll down.......

Are you sitting down?


THEY ARE ALL EMPTY! Every last one of them!

Gosh durn it, Esther - you're ruining my picture!

Now I'm happy.....

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Grandma's Hero!

Sherry? Sherry! We need you...come here!

Uh oh....This doesn't look good......

This REALLY doesn't look good. Not my idea of a good time. Don't I have to go to the grocery, or something else exciting and fun?

I'm saved! My hero! He did it!

I guess not....Will the REAL hero please look at me.....

Ta Da! All done! Thanks Sophie! You take such good care of Grandma!

Thanks Uncle Alan and Aunt Leigh for the great Christmas present you got for Grandma! (Didn't know that, did you?)

First post

This is my very first post. It's a test post, so don't take it seriously. The Gardening Sister is helpeing to set this up. If it doesn't work, I can always blame her.

This is dear daughter at Auntie Trisha's Artic Adventure.
The theme for this year was pirates. (It's a practice picture)

Here is one of our zoo members

Esther is a race day baby. There we were at the pet store on a mission to buy cat food for our other 5 cats, and Esther called to us from across the store. It's a post for another day though, because this is, after all, just a test post.