Monday, March 10, 2008

Never a Dull Day

Hi Rabbit!
Thanks for coming today.
I really needed you.

I'm supposed to make a trillion cookies to take to A4's wedding next week, and since I can't bake, I appreciate Rabbit coming over and offering her culinary talents. (Truly, she really is gifted. Being my niece has nothing to do with it -- she has won all kinds of awards at the State Fair in the open know, the one that real bakers and stuff enter? She won the grand champion wedding cake decorating contest at the tender age of 16. She's my niece by the way, did I tell you that? AND she is a Martha in the kitchen. How about that? But I digress....)

Becca and Sophie were busy in the kitchen.

I take advantage when others are here and have them teach Miss Sophia the culinary tricks I haven't a clue about. HGTV is wonderful, but sometimes it's nice to have an on-site instructor.

Seth was more interested in eating the fruits of their labors.

So, as everyone else was in cooking class, I was on "Dog Duty." Easy enough. I've raised a few dogs in my day.....

So...I take little precious, perfect, sweet, adorable Victoria outside to potty, when I am distracted by a beautiful red bird (probably a robin?) hopping on the fence. I'm so excited, I run in to get my camera. I've been mesmerized by all the birdie pictures on the birdie bloggers' blogs right now, and have been longing to get some pictures to share so I can feel "part of the action."

BUT, See this?This is where the puppy was able to walk on ice just yesterday. Today she tried again, but no ice......just COLD water. My back was only turned once - I promise! (Well, other than that run inside to go get the camera.)



In all my "eeking" and "acking" and my running to the pond to scoop out the puppy, I violated multiple rules.....

1. I forgot to get a picture. HOW COULD I?

2. I forgot that not only can dogs swim, but some breeds actually enjoy swimming. So my panicking was really totally unnecessary.

3. Never attempt to scoop up a puppy out of water in one hand while holding a camera in the other hand. Enough said. We won't go further.....

So, now all cookie baking must come to a halt so as to give the royal princess a bath.

(In the tub, not the pond).

Poor puppy. At least this water was warm.

She liked it better than Peridot did.

Sorry about this picture. Moving targets are hard.

Poor wet baby!

Let's cuddle under a nice warm blanket heated up in the dryer.

OK. Now where were we?

Ah yes.

I was out in the backyard, trying to capture a picture of a beautiful bird. I found out how hard this is, and I want to know right now, how do all you bird lovers do it? You must have really nice cameras, lots of talent in the photography department, or both.

By the time I got back outside all I could find was this crow up in the tree....

And this cat stalking something in this other tree.

Now...this is a good kitty doin' what good kitties should do.

Sleeping quietly, not stalking other poor defenseless creatures, and not falling into ponds.

No matter how hard we try, there is never a dull day at the Zoo.


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

I now know why I adore your blog! It is because I have found someone who takes as GREAT of pictures as I do!
XOXOX Notice -- I said you take GREAT pictures! :-))

(I AM laughing with you!)

That puppy looks so sweet!

Kathy said...

Did they make lots of cookies? I haven't talked to her yet, she went out to dinner with friends. Hope Victoria doesn't decide that the pond is fun and goes in again.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hate to be the one to tell you this Sherry but that first picture is a of a beautiful young lady not a RABBIT. Living in a Zoo as you do it is difficult to keep these things straight especially when your baby was found in a pond on a cold day. Poor little girl, had to have a bath the first few days of being in her new home. Booooo Sure wish I had a cookie.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Sounds like one of my afternoons. Have fun

Diana said...

Th cookies sound wonderful and your little swimmer is absolutely adorable!!! Even soaking wet! Ah, life would be boring without all this excitement. Remember - life is a journey, not a destination -- that's my mantra for 2008.

Carol said...

That was nice that "Rabbit" came over to help bake cookies.

And Victoria looks none the worse for her dunk in the pond. I wonder if she'll jump in there just for a swim when the weather warms up?

mon@rch said...

plop . . . awww poor little thing! Its soo cute! I wonder if it learned its lesson!

Rabbott said...

I had fun making cookies at the "zoo"! and a special thanks to miss sophie for all her help! I would have to agree that there is never a dull day at the zoo


Smooches, Kara said...

a 'trillion' cookies you say!?! LOL I sense a wee bit of exagerration. I love it!!

What kind of cookies are we talking here by the way?

Eleanor said...

I understand the puppy jumps into the pond every chance she gets, so she must love the water. She can swim just fine but she's still too small to climb out by herself. Wait till she's 30 lbs or so then she won't have any trouble getting out. Till then, beware.

Mary said...

Oh, Sherry, you do live in a loving, entertaining zoo! Thanks for the chuckles tonight!

Charmaine said...

What a great post. I want to come see little Miss Victoria sometime soon...

Robin's Nesting Place said...

The trick to bird photography is try to get them as close to a window as possible, and very quietly and patiently sit by the window with camera in hand for hours while you wait for the birds to come. Of course a good zoom lens is helpful.

vonlafin said...

I take lousy bird pictures too, welcome to the club! Poor puppy!