Saturday, March 1, 2008

Going on a Bear Hunt

gonna find a BIG one!
We're not afraid...Uh oh!

This was Seth's favorite book not too long ago (probably still is).

It has a great sing-song rhythm about it. It's a story of a little family that goes on a bear hunt. And as the kids, Prince Charming, and I ventured out today to hopefully see something green and growing in the yard, this book kept running through my head..... or rather this phrase....

Going on a Bear Hunt,

Gonna Find a BIG one!

We're not afraid.....Uh OH!

Racoon Prints...

At least I think those are raccoon prints.

I hope they are! know for sure.

They can't be bear prints. Officially we don't have bears in Indiana, although A3 saw one in the middle of nowhere when he was out on a mountain bike adventure. I trust him. He's smart. He knows what bears look like (although he is the only of the seven who did not inherit the mutant animal gene).

Gotta be raccoons (I like raccoons. They're cute!)

We're going on a Bear Hunt,

gonna find a BIG one!

We're not afraid...Uh OH!


Too much mulch...

My sister warned me about this last year.

For the first time in 45 years, the scarlet maple and the sugar maple in the front yard got "little trims". The guys who did it were so nice, and they did all these things so they wouldn't hurt the trees. Instead of cherry pickers, they used ropes and climbed up INTO the tree and took a branch here or there. Carefully analyzing and choosing which branch would stay, and which would go. Mainly the dead ones. The trees really needed it, and my sister, Carol, was quite pleased with the job they did...EXCEPT, that they piled all the small debris up against the tree and convinced me it was God's natural mulch. That the tree would benefit from this pile of it's branches and leaves up against it, keeping it nice and snug through the winter.

Carol had a complete cow over this (is that a 70's or 80's term?). Anyway, she made me rake it all away from the trunk. We did that, but man...I thought that stuff would be more composted by now!

We're going on a Bear Hunt,

gonna find a BIG one!

We're not afraid...Uh OH!


Somebody needs to clean up the trash that has escaped the garbage cans....

We're going on a Bear Hunt,

gonna find a BIG one!

We're not afraid...Uh OH!


Metal junk....

I'm really proud of my "Metal Garden"


Prince Charming promised me he would take that to the dump just as soon as he had a free moment....

("Uh, dear? Can you put down your Nintendo DS long enough to go to the dump?"

"What? I'm doing my mind exercises. In a little bit dear.....")

We're going on a Bear Hunt,

gonna find a BIG one!

We're not afraid...Uh OH!


Not Huh..oh!

LOOK!!! Something GREEN and GROWING! Look right THERE!

Finally! Success!

We've found what we were looking for. We've got our "bear."

Now, let's go get some hot chocolate....


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Yeah, congrats you found it. We used to play a game that sounded like that. It will be in my head all evening until I figure it out.

eleanor said...

Hey, that 'metal garden' is right outside my room & also placed where the new neighbor can enjoy it too. I think it needs cleaned out. But I'm happy to see something green. Are the sea shells still under the tree? I don't think they will grow there, Sherry.

Carol said...

Sherry, you ought to take all those wood chips and put them in your real compost bins or spread them out in the "wooded area" in the back. Now, won't that be fun? Sure it will be fun, lots of fun! Good exercise and fresh air, and no, I'm not going to come over and do it for you!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens (ummmm, raccoons aren't really cute, they are more destructive. Don't feed them! They'll stay!)

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

glad you found what you were looking for...I was looking for you at Patria tonight and DIDN'T find what i was looking for. hmmph

Stickers said...

I loved reading this post. You are so much fun. Reading this is like being right next to you and having one of our chats. Which I also love and appreciate. I'm so glad to have you as a friend. Smooch.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your pile of metal is a little scary. I must confess I got 3, that would be three, bags of trash out from behind where my potting bench sat this weekend. UGH ... it happens. They are also still sitting in the back of our truck. Boooooo

I am happy your found your bear. Isn't it fun to find the first stirrings of the garden. You will rue the day you encourage racoons. That is unless you don't mind if your pots are dug up, your poor little Muncie is mauled or your yard cats go missing. Listen to your sister.

Jodi said...

You are so brave to go out looking at your yard at this time of year! I look at mine from the kitchen window and cringe--there's so much work to be done out there! A bazillion sticks to pick up! And a huge mud mess from a year ago when the kids left an extremely large leaf pile in front of the swingset over the winter.

I see your green, and once again, I am so disappointed that I didn't plant any bulbs. Every fall I think that I will, and then I don't. I don't think about it again until the spring when everyone else's pretty flowers are coming up.

You are an inspiration in so many ways! Thank you for such fun-to-read posts!

Mary said...

Sherry, your blog is so lighthearted. I love it! Your pet photos are sweet.

Glad you found some GREEN!


Annie in Austin said...

Maybe the metal objects are kept there just to keep the garden's Feng Shui balanced, is that it, Sherry?

Good for your gardening sister to tell you to get rid of the "Mulch Volcano". The trunk needs air!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose