Sunday, March 9, 2008



Do you know how hard it is to get a good picture of a moving target?

I'm finding out it's impossible....

That's OK though, because her feet RARELY touch the ground.

We're trying to instill habits that I wish we would have instilled with the other animals. Like getting her feet wiped whenever she comes in after pottying (Yes, that is going quite well, thanks for asking!)

I think raising puppies is like raising kids. The more you have, the more you learn. Whenever you get a new puppy, you have a new chance to "do better, this time." Learn from past mistakes. Kind of like a baby. You get better the more kids you have. The "Puppy Face" (as we call it in our house) doesn't get the youngest as much as it got the oldest.

Muncie, you better be nice. She's your sister. And no. She's not going away. Get used to it.

Smile for the camera girls. Act like you love each other. That's nice. Thank you. Resume fighting mode, now. (JK....kinda!)


mon@rch said...

Puppies are so much fun and very adorable! I just love puppy breath and watching them play with the other dogs! Keep these great post coming!

Eleanor said...

I'm sure Esther (the newest cat) appreciates her new pup sister, because now she is more free to roam around, because Mama Sophie is distracted by the new addition. Today Esther has been allowed to go outside by herself to play, which is a rare treat for her. Her horizions have been widened considerably. I'm told Esther does come in when called. She's a good kitten.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet. Apparently puppy pictures are as tough to take as squirrels:)

Beth said...

I just KNEW you would have new puppy pictures up! Yay!

She is so adorable looking. I think you should have named her Pearl.... because that was the name of my hound dog who was one AWESOME family dog! I need to go dig up some pictures.

I bet everyone who reads this after me believes us READERS deserved a vote on the name..

;-) I love that last picture of her and Muncie.

Anonymous said...

How adorable!! I love puppies!

My mom just got a 8 week old Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix. His name is cute.

You can see his photo here:

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Victoria is a doll. I am glad that Muncie will have a new object to fixate on. It will give her a job, taking care of this little girl. They will be dynamite together, two high energy dogs. It is always good for dogs to be part of a pack. They can grow old together.

Jodi said...

What an adorable picture! I love hound dogs--you've inspired me to start working on a post about our dog, Jack.

Isn't it funny that once you start twittering, you think that at any moment you will start seeing that minus sign while typing?!

Have fun with this new little girl!

Rabbott said...

Nice pose of the two sisters!!

Mel said...

Cute pictures! Good that you got them still to take the pics, it can get tricky! ;)

Smooches, Kara said...

Queen Victoria!! We are royalty you know ;)