Saturday, March 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Prince Charming

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday to You,

Happy Birthday Prince Charming,

Happy Birthday to You!

Father of 7

(You'll only ever count 6 here at the Zoo, the 7th is a top-secret spy or something because he won't let me post his pictures on my blog)

Grandfather of 4 (so far)

Avid Bicyclist

(Prince Charming's philosophy: Always, always, always wear a helmet)

Animal Lover

(Prince Charming's philosophy: You can never have too many animals, but remember, people are always more important than animals)

Professional Student

(Prince Charming taught himself Spanish at a ripe-ole age and is now fluent)

Life philosophy: Listen more, talk less.

And yes, this is true of him.




Lisa at Greenbow said...

Happy Birthday Husband, Dad, Linguist, Prince Charming...

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday, Prince Charming!

Isn't it wonderful to have everyone refer to you as Prince Charming?!

Have a wonderful day together!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Happy birthday.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

I hope your day was great!

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

Don is a many-faceted man!! Whatta guy.

Happy Birthday, Mr. W! We could all learn a thing or 2 from you!

God Bless you!
Laurie and family