Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Princess of Story-Telling

Once upon a time there lived the King and Queen of Everything, their 4 older children who were either grown and living in their own kingdoms both far and near, or off exploring the world one adventure after another, and 3 younger children who still lived in the castle, protected and guarded by their tutor, Mr. St. Bernard.

Whenever the original princess, A4, returns to the palace, she brings with her the gift...the gift of story-telling and make-believe. All the children gather round, enter their secret kingdom, take on their own unique and special gift, and depart on their newest adventure.

The magic centers around the gifts that are bestowed upon each child.

Sophie becomes the Princess of Color. She can change the color of anything. This gift is often used to disguise people and objects. Sometimes it is used to turn misbehaving princes the color of pink.

Sam transforms into the Prince of Big and Small. He can make anything bigger or smaller. As big as the moon, or as small as an atom. This power is often used to turn the princes and princess as small as fleas so that they can travel easily in Mr. St. Bernard's fur.

Seth becomes the Prince of Light and Dark. He can make it is bright as the sun, or as dark as ink. Very useful when you find yourself face to face with someone you don't want to be face to face with.

When others are around, they too have gifts. Big sister A2 has the gift of being able to talk to animals. Her daughter has the ability to stun others with her cuteness, and her son can kill the enemy by throwing dirty stinky diapers at them.

When A1 is visiting the castle and is able to go on an adventure, she brings with her the gift of being able to see through all things. A3 can tell the difference between truth and lies.

These adventures can never take place without the Princess of Story-Telling. When she is here visiting the castle, there MUST be an adventure. It almost always picks up from where it was left the last time she visited. The current story has continued for many years now.

But, alas, the stories are becoming less and less frequent, for the Story-telling Princess has met her Prince Charming, and their Kingdom is far, far, FAR away.

Here are A2 and A4 working on the announcements heralding the approaching marriage.

The wedding is almost upon us and we are very happy for them. We know that the Princess of Story-Telling, and her Prince Charming will live happily ever after, and that one day there will be more Princes and Princesses with special powers that will enhance the fairy tale.

We love our Princess of Story-Telling so much......


Lisa at Greenbow said...

True love no doubt. This would be the only thing that could divert a storytellers powers.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Am I reading this right? You have seven childre? I am the oldest of seven and we have a grand time. All grown up now and raising a whole new generation.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

Lisa...yes, only true love could divert the story teller. We keep telling her she should take the story and turn it into a kid's books. I mean, if it keeps our crew mesmerized for hours on end, other children might enjoy it as well, right?

Aunt Debbi...yes we have 7 altogether. You counted correctly. (I didn't birth the oldest 4 though. They are my step children. But I'll claim them anyday - they are wonderful kids (adults!))

Laurie and crew... said...

awww, it was nice to see a pic of A4! That is neat that she has an ongoing story!
glad you are up and running again!

Around The Funny Farm said...

I answered the camp question.. on my blog.. I had a long reply here all typed out.. and it disappeared??

{Happy Homes} said...

Awwwww. That is one of the sweetest fairy tales I've ever read. AND I'm sure that others would read these stories;0) Your's included!