Thursday, March 13, 2008

Doggy Update

I realized this morning it's been forever (like 2 days) since I posted anything about Victoria. So please indulge me....

Since her dramatic fall into the pond earlier this week, she has taken several additional dips. Turns out she likes the water.

We have learned that her voice gene comes from the Blue Tick in her. I've never heard her bark. But I haven't heard her howl either. She whines and makes weird sounds. I now understand all those talking animal videos that people send me.

Victoria has discovered the dishwasher. She has discovered that SOME people in the house do not rinse the dishes as they should.

She likes to chew. (What puppy doesn't?)

This morning Sophie finished the last book in her math series (Miquon, and yes Charmaine, I know....we weren't faithful in doing this daily so we finished about a year later than we should have..but I don't feel bad because we also do Primary Math...the Miquon was just "extra").

So, as part of her victory dance, she fed the book to Victoria. Well, not really FED it to her, she just let her chew on it.
The Shepherd in Victoria likes to herd. No surprise there. BUT, she only herds boys. Not girls. Weirdest thing. Maybe because she associates girls with snuggling.

Poor Esther. See her sitting on the chair with her back toward her mommy? I think she's mad at her. What do you think?

But Victoria is happy.

Doesn't this look like the life?


Hannah-Indiana said...

Wow, I never really noticed that Victoria and Esther look exactly like each other (I mean the color). What a cute post!

Anonymous said...

I think Esther (the new kitty) is having the time of her life. She's finally FREE FREE FREE, because Ms Sophie is distracted by the new puppy. Esther rushes outside, leaps & twirls & comes back inside. What a life. Now, if we can just keep Victoria from jumping in the pond - - -. It's really too deep for her, so we have to watch her, untill her long legs get longer. Never a dull moment at the zoo

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor Ester? I think she is relieved. Ha... That Victoria should relish the attention as long as it lasts. Poor little dear will probably be replaced with swimming lessons or something exciting that summer brings. What about poor Muncie?? How is she faring? Does she get her ration of play and pats?

Our house is quite lively right now. We are dog sitting with Vinny. He keeps everyone on the alert. No cats or squirrels are hanging out here today...or the next 10 days.

Mary said...

Victoria has landed in the lap of luxury and love. Don't you think a home is only enhanced by having a pup as a member? Your children benefit, too :o) Lots of work, but worth it.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

She is very very cute. You are making me want another animal. I saw the cutest baby goat today. I am going to get in big trouble.

Sherry at the Zoo said...

I have to agree that Esther is happy and having the time of her life.

Rest assured that we make sure that Muncie gets all kinds of love and attention. She still doesn't know what to think of this new puppy though.

Puppies are a blessing! We are enjoying Victoria very much (I still sort of can't believe we ended up with THIS dog....I'm still in the toy australian shep vs newfoundland mode in my mind).

Hugs to all

theholidayarmadillo34 said...

at the end of this semester i have several lab manuals i would love to see eaten up! lol. i think it's funny that victoria got to nibble on the math book. She looks so cute in sophie's sweater, too bad puppies have to grow up!!