Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Are You an Animal Geek?

Carol, at May Dreams Gardens, has published several posts with questionnaires to help you determine if you might be a Gardening Geek...

Here at Sherry's Zoo and Garden, we would like to know if you might be an animal geek.....

Let's start easy.

1.Give yourself one point for every pet you have right now. Do not count fish. Do not count feral cats.

2. Go ahead and give yourself a bonus point for every pet that you have owned other than a dog, cat, or fish.

This was Scabbers, may he rest in peace.....

This is the Duck-eating ferret, Snow.

Oh, by the way, if you have ever "dumped an animal" (defined as dropping it off at someone's house/farm, that you didn't know) (L), or flushed a live fish down a toilet (J), you are definately NOT an animal geek. However, you may continue reading for entertainment purposes only.

3. Give yourself 2 points if you have ever had a wild animal come into your house through your dog door.

Bonus points if the wild animal has found your stash of pet food and helped themselves.

Stop and go no further if you actually killed the invader... you know you're not an animal geek. Again, you may continue for entertainment purposes only.

4. Give yourself a point if your spouse has ever given you an animal as anniversary present. Bonus point if it was a reptile or other non-fuzzy critter.

Subtract a point if you later found a "new home" for the "gift."

5. Give yourself a point if you use live mouse traps, and take great care to release the mice.

6. Give yourself a point if you have ever stood in line to see an Animal Planet celebrity. Bonus points for each hour that you waited.

Another bonus point if you identified the man in the picture as Jeff Corwin.

7. Give yourself a point if you have ever built a "home" for your pets.

2 Bonus point if it was brick, had it's own heating/air-conditioning, and running water.

8.Give yourself a point if you let your pets kiss you on the lips.

9. Give yourself a point if you have ever had an alligator in your house. In fact, forget the point. If you have ever had an alligator in your house, you are beyond a doubt, an animal geek.


0-2: Not much of an animal lover, are you?
3-5: You tolerate animals, but are not overly fond of them.
6-10: Now you're cooking.....(not the animals though)
11-20: You are definately an animal lover.
21+: You are a true animal geek. Welcome to my world.

Let's see.....here at the Zoo, we scored a 34. How did you do?


Christine said...

I didn't do too bad on the scoring, but I have to be honest. When I first saw the picture of your kids with a man, I thought, wow, her husband is cute! I guess I didn't get that particular point.

Carol said...

I scored.... ZERO!

The gardening geek,

athomemama said...

I scored a zero as well (Yah Carol!! we're cool)...I am the drop off gal, even though we've only done that ONCE and it was because our cat was trying to eat our child, who we place above and beyond any ol' animal. But do you still like me? I stand at a distance and silently respect your love for animals. I have an aunt who rescues all sorts of animals but she isn't a blood aunt. o well. there's a place for all of us. sorry for the wordy comment. i had some coffee. whooooooopeeee.

Anonymous said...

OMG.. I scored just higher than you and over even had the lizard creatures to count! Alas, the litte lizards have since departed many years ago. They were the LONGEST living lizards ever! lol

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

We scored 23. The monkeys keep building houses for our critters. Hey, do I get to count the monkeys (boys)?

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Oh and just an after thought. What about all the wild critters we try to get to live in our yard?

mon@rch said...

I almost became an animal lover! Nice quiz!

{Happy Homes} said...

I got a 4! Yea! I can't believe how far I've come...you should have met me about 8 years ago. I was an animal snob...I blame my mother. She would NEVER allow any critter of any kind (well maybe a turtle, and on occasion a sick baby pig--because my dad was a pig farmer)into the house. Then one day, I was talking to her and she said,"Come here kitty, kitty..." I gasped! Who are you and what did you do with my mother???? I knew she had some sort of terrible condition. Now, I have the kitty she was talking to and I love him very much! Oh, and I'm married to a man who scores -0 on the love of animal scale. His dad was a Veterinarian. Go figure!
It's always a party on your blog. Love it!tonya;0)

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am cooking...but not any animals that I know. ;)

vonlafin said...

I am sorry........0 is my score. A husband and a son is about all that I can handle right now.

Annie in Austin said...

No animals now Sherry, but lots of parakeets, generations of gerbils, maybe half a dozen lizards, two snakes, a guinea pig and assorted cats in the past. Wait a minute - do current grandcats or grandpuppies count?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

athomemama said...

umm, hello? why haven't we blogged today? is everything ok???
just checking.

Tina said...

Whoa, whoa...wait just a sec, there!
Whatcha mean fish don't count? Nishikigoi (koi) should count. Yup, they should.
Especially considering they get vet care (including shots!), get petted, come when you call their names, get treats and eat out of your hands.
Yes - seriously!
And besides, I love every single one of ours.

Diana said...

ok - I'm not much of a geek, but I am an animal lover. Does having a fight on the way to my husband's birthday dinner tonight about how many dogs we can have count? We have two and my DH says I can get a third dog, but he'll have to go then! Or they all have to be outside dogs. What's the point of THAT??!! So, at the moment, we have two fabulous dogs (I only call them stupid in the most affectionate way!). But i have had hamsters and birds and fish and dogs and cats. And I do get tempted to get that third dog sometimes!!!