Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Gruesome Twosome

The Gruesome Twosome.....

They've earned their reputation...the littlest prince and his niece. (Yes, that is his niece).

From the time they were little, (well, they're still little, but they think they are all grown up) they've played well together, and entertained us (we don't tell them that) with their antics. They love to escape from the "big kids" into their own world of fantasy. And they talk NONSTOP!

Once when they were little, (like 3 years old), they were playing on the bottom bunk bed while the princess's mom dozed on the top bunk - until she heard, "let's get naked." That will wake a mom up!

The princess, although younger, potty-trained her uncle. Despite every trick in the book that Prince Charming and I tried, the little prince would not potty-train. Until one weekend when I was sick and he spent the weekend with his sister and neice.

"Do I need to change your diaper? You stink! Why aren't you in big boy pants? I wear big girl pants!"

The humiliation was too great for him. By the end of the weekend, his neice had him potty-trained.

Someday, like at the rehearsal dinner for her wedding, he'll tell that story and laugh. I don't think he sees the humor in that story just yet.

This past week he spent the afternoon playing with his neice. On the way home, he was giving her some "Uncle Advise" on watching movies at the movie theatre.

1. Always wear a coat or a hat to pull over your eyes if the movie gets sad or scary.
2. Always sit beside someone you can hug in case you need one.
3. Make sure to always go to the bathroom before the movie starts.
4. Make sure and get your favorite snack so you can focus on that if the movie gets scary or sad.

Pretty good advice from a 6 year old. I hope they are always this close, and that the little prince always watches out for the little princess, protects her, and keeps her safe, and that the little princess always watches over the little prince. And they live happily every after. (I hope they realize they can't marry each other....hmmmmm....well, if they don't, maybe we can wait and break it to them when they are a little older).


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

My oldest potty trained his brothers. That is one thing that was easy for me.

Christine said...

Emily turns two on the 17th, and I really need to potty-train her. Being I have done this five times before, I am not so excited about the idea. Do you think her kindergarden teacher would do it?

Around The Funny Farm said...

AAAAADORABLE! You've written such a wonderful post here. This is why you are one of my VERY, VERY FAVORITES!

(And he does have some great advice there!)

P.S. I hope I don't have to moderate your comments all of the time.. ;-) lol

eleanor said...

I remember a certain 4 yr old granddaughter who seemed to adore her 4 yr old boy cousin. She complained to her mother that she didn't think boy cousin wanted to marry her. Her mother explained that boy cousin couldn't marry her as they were 1st cousins, I'm sure making her feel better. Well, boy cousin met his beautiful princess & married her last summer. Granddaughter has met her handsome prince & they are getting married next summer. And all lived happily everafter. End of story

mertiegirl said...

Sherry, I'm right there w/your friend, Jill but I'm gonna try! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. I will definately be visiting it more now that I have 1141 finished! You have to help me with my gardening though! I'm so overwhelmed....Have a good week!

Missy said...

they are so sweet together!
I had a horrible time with potty training. Maybe she will come to my house to potty train my second one!