Sunday, February 3, 2008

Two kinds of people

My life has taken on a new perspective this past month. I have discovered that there are two groups of people in life – the bloggers and the non-bloggers.

Friends who don’t blog just don’t get it. How many of you have blogging buggies who you have never met but who you would consider your friend, because they “drop by and visit” regularly? Just a sentence or two, but it means a lot. You’ve had a glimpse into their life, their home, and their heart. You’ve shared in their triumphs and tragedies --you’ve bonded. If you don’t see a new post for several days, you begin to worry.

Non-blogging friends just don't get it.

I know that I feel much closer to my sister having jumped into her gardening mania. For the first time I think I finally understand her obsession, I mean interest, in gardening. I mean I like gardening as well, but I’ve never been obsessed. But now I feel myself being drawn into the gardening obsessiveness (let’s just call it what it is!) more and more since visiting with so many lovely gardeners through the blogging world. I understand now! My vision and horizons have been expanded! I have big dreams for my garden this year – bigger than I would have ever dreamed without all the garden blogging cheerleaders out there.

Blogging is sort of like old fashioned letter writing. It’s just a new and improved form of letter writing – don’t you think? And so much better than letter writing, because you can visit with so many people. I love clicking here, clicking there, seeing where the clicks will lead, seeing what new insight into life someone’s blog will bring to surface.

Three of my friends blog. We are all homeschool moms, all part of the same support group. I feel as if I know them so much better since becoming blogging buddies. I know all about Nicky’s love life, her new beau.

I can share in Charmaine’s joy as her daughter finishes Phonics Pathways. I can glean from her wisdom as she so kindly has put all sorts of essential homeschool resource sites on her sidebar.

And Laurie. I love the pictures of her children. Laurie is funny. She makes me laugh.

But, I still love my friends who don’t blog. Jill for one. Recently she sent “the blogging beauties” an email. She’s made us bloggers into an email network…..
(BTW…She knows I’m copying part of her email, she said it was ‘fine”)

First, please notice that I have given you a special place - you ARE an email group (The Blogging Beauties) in my address book. No, I won't have you as a link on my blog (because I DON'T blog), but you are still special!

Poor Jill. She just figured out cell phones, then we all started emailing. Now she has figured out email, and actually checks it daily, and now we are all blogging.

In case you don't know, I am just getting the hang of email and now you are moving into blogging. HELP.......wait.......don't forget about the old dogs!!

Here's some more history: I have been a "telephone" girl since junior high. As the number of children who needed to be homeschooled increased, I realized that my talking days were coming to an end. My telephone conversations would be for emergencies - especially those waaaahm-bulance calls (ask Sherry), last minutes schedule changes and making appointments.

Gone were the days of leisurely phone calls when we talked on the phone and pretended that we were at quiet, little coffee shop sipping on our favorite coffee (even if it was one of those high maintenance drinks) just us - no children. (The children may have been in background, but as long as there was no blood then they were fine!)

So, I moved into the 21st century and jumped on the web and began emailing. It has taken some time to become proficient, but homeschooling has greatly improved my email communication skills.

Almost a year later, I am feeling pretty good. I check email not just once daily, but usually 3 or 4 times a day. Hurray!!!

But hold the phone (lame joke I know), now all of you are doing this blogging thing!! Yikes!!!! I hear the excitement in your voices and I see how you feel the connections to each others' lives, but I am still looking in from the outside. Woe is me. Now, I am not trying to make you feel sorry for me and I have already heard the distant rumblings of the impending pressure to start blogging. BUT, please just give me some time.

Time? Time? Just wait, we’ll have her blogging one day soon. Her and Donna both. And Kitty. And Julia. And Ady. And all the rest of the non-bloggers out there.

Then they’ll understand. And they’ll look at life from a whole different perspective. After all, don't you?


Carol said...

So, you're planning a big garden? Can't wait to see it!

The One Who Gardens

athomemama said...


glad to be a bloggin' buddy.

love ya

eleanor said...

Some times reading your kid's blogs is just a new way of finding out what is going on with your family. Pretty sad isn't it when you live in the dame house but don't take the time to sit down & chat. Not complaining, sometimes I don't take time to talk either. Ways to communicate with other people sure has changed thru the years.

First, many years ago, you left your card with the butler. (way before my time) Then you just dropped in on people (don't dare do that now) Then the women had little tupperware parties (thank goodness that's over too). Now people get together via their computers. Much faster than the pony express. What's next?

Diana said...

I love your comment about obsession (let’s just call it what it is!) That's soooo true! I'm relatively new to blogging (July 07) and I was one who didn't "get it" even a week before I started blogging! I just discovered it and fell in love. You blog is GREAT -- i just found it this minute and laughed 3 times already -- I love all the animal stories - my blog gets filled with critter stuff all the time, too. All these things that we ants can't control -- mother nature, critter and kids! You should escape the zoo and come visit us in Austin at the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling in April. Check it out on my blog...