Thursday, February 7, 2008

An Interruption

We interrupt these lovely blogging moments to issue a complaint.

Today, I wondered why the phone was so quiet. Usually it rings off the hook. After some investigation I realized we had a problem. NO dial tone.

Putting our chief mechanic/repairman on the job (Princess Sophia), we quickly arrived at the conclusion that it was not an internal problem, but an external one.

Our landline service provider is AT&T. When I called AT&T, they confirmed there is an issue, and gave me a repair date of 2 WEEKS out.


AND, if I'm not home, they may have to reschedule. No, they could not give me a specific time.

HELLO???? Do they not think I have a life? Do they think I can sit here and blog for two weeks and not move until they show up at my residence? (Well, I probably could, but we'll keep that our little secret - K?)

Now, normally I would just rely on my cell phone. BUT, Grandma lives with us (my mom, the kids' Grandma, but everyone calls her Grandma, even the kids' friends), and is not very steady on her feet. She has LIFELINE service (a WONDERFUL thing, let me tell you), which allows me and mine the ability to leave Grandma in order to flit here and there. We know if she got into trouble, she could get help quickly through her LIFELINE service. But, in order to utilize LIFELINE, you have to have a land line. A funtioning land line.

Do you think AT&T cares that we have an elderly invalid dependent on the telephone residing here? Notta. Nope. No. Made no difference to them.

So, as a consumer, I have options.

Do I:
A. Lose the landline (well, can't really do that because of Grandma and the LIFELINE)
B. Change service providers to SBC Global. I'm sure they could have us up and running within a day or two.
C. Call AT&T daily and nag them.
D. Breath deeply, relax, and say: "Come whenever you like. It's OK. I'll sit right here by my door until you come knocking...."


You would think that in today's market, companies would be a little more eager to please their customers, wouldn't you.

For all those that know me, until further notice, call me on the cell...........


Carol said...

That's bad! Call them right back and tell them to get on it. I bet a squirrel ate through your phone line outside. That has happened before.

mon@rch said...

Hey, great seeing you and boy you do have a zoo at your house! LOL! I would also be sure to call back and make sure you talk to a manager! Do a few slips about talking to the TV about them not helping someone with grandma! That might help speed things up! If not, ask how to talk to the managers . . . manager!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I agree, talk to a higher up person if you can. In your situation they should be able to speed things up. Are they so behind because of the recent storms?

Stickers said...

Did you know that AT & T owns SBC Global? Keep complaining. Smooch.

vonlafin said...

I just went to Vonage. I was paying $40.00 per month for Verizon, and now pay $15.00 per month, with all of the "extras" thrown in for free. Now my home calls are forwarded to my cell phone if nobody answers. I don't yet know how dependable they are, but have only had a few times the calls seemed to skip out a bit. Well worth it for the savings!

athomemama said...

hope you are back up and running sooner than they say!
that is not good. not good at all and it does make one wonder, as you said, if they are trying to tell you to cancel your service!!
sheesh. modern technology.

Kathy said...

I wonder, could the life line people use two phone numbers for her, the cell and the land? That way, if she is not home and needs them, both phone numbers work. Worth checking into. I also agree with everyone else, talke to as high up in management as you can get.
Kathy, the older sister

eleanor said...

I talked to the lady at Life Line & she said they have no clout with the phone co. The best I can do is keep my cell phone on me at all times. Of course since the cell phone is so small you need to be in control to hit the right numbers. Oh well. This too shall pass.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I thought AT&T only did that to us. They told us eight days, but had it done in one.

Around The Funny Farm said...

I changed it (I don't know why but I did... lol) so that first time commenters had to be approved and for some reason you went to spam.

I fixed it!


Have a great weekend.. let me know when you post! lol
:-) Beth