Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm Addicted to Your Blog

Beth at Around the Funny Farm has passed along an award to me.

An "I'm Addicted to Your Blog Award."

Isn't she sweet?

Those of you who know me in real life are probably laughing hysterically, because you have witnessed my OCD addictive personality in action!

It was hard to choose who to pass this award on to because I am addicted to so many blogs, but I knew I had to narrow it down.

So...(drum roll please)....I hereby officially pass the "I'm Addicted to Your Blog Award" to:

At Home Mama
May Dream's Gardens



And for all you bloggers out there, here's to you - xoxox

Thanks for bringing some sunshine to our zoo.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Sherry I am addicted to your blog too. I love the way you show your love for your family and the way you love the world. You express yourself in a unique way, always charming and positive.

Hannah-Indiana said...

Ms. Sherry,
I'm kind of forgetting about what I'm supossed to do again after I get tagged, can you help me? I can remember half of what you told me but I forgot the other half. Thanks!
Love, Hannah

Jodi said...

I agree! I also am addicted to your blog! I'm always so excited to see a new post. You make me stop and think--and most of all you make me laugh. You are so authentic! Thanks!

AndrewG said...

Sherry, I'm so hurt that you didn't vote for my blog! :-) Just joshing! I really just wanted to comment on your dog post. Did you know I had a Newfoundland when I was single? His name was Conan, and he was the BEST dog in the world. Newfs are the most gentle, loving dogs there are...and the most protective. They are so friendly and cuddly even cats love them, and they love cats. Conan would sleep with our 2 kitties nestled against his stomach. They are also great with kids. BUT, they slobber a lot, and they are MISERABLE in the summertime. I had to shave Conan in the summer, and he was still miserable. So we bought a kiddie pool and filled it with ice and he would lay in it. You also have to be diligent to comb them every day, because their thick fur tends to get knotted up if you don't take care of it. Their hearts and joints also have a tendency to wear out faster than other breeds, but if you take good care of him and get 10-12 good years out of him, it will be the best decade of your life with a pet. They are really special dogs. I vote for a Newf, and if you get one, I'm coming over OFTEN!!

Carol said...

Thanks, Sherry! I guess I returned the favor by helping you set up your blog. Wasn't that a fateful day?

(And ignore "andrewg". Newfs sound like quite a bit of work. Daily brushing? How, who?)

Around The Funny Farm said...

Yay! You deserve that award! I love how you are so normal sounding and your family seems like one I would like to actually socialize with in real life!

Your personality comes through your words!

Now, I have to go check that poll and see how the choices are going!
:-) Beth

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

Hey Sherry,

I did the right click thingy and then when I went to upload them, it would start out like it was going to do it for me but then error came up saying that it wasn't a supported file. Helllp!

But thank you for tagging me! I'm so la la!

Stickers said...

Thank you. I'm sorry to have let you down the past few days. I'll get back in the game. You rock and you're gonna come show me how to rock. I'm excited! Smooch.