Monday, April 7, 2008

Good-bye Darkness

Please Mommy?
(Why do so many things start out that way?)
Can we release Darkness today?
It's pretty and sunny and warm!

Um...wait a minute. Twist my arm.

Are you sure you're not trying to get out of the big responsibility of pet ownership, Seth?

No Mommy!

Tell me why you want to let him go, Seth.

Darkness has been a good pet. Remember? I saved him from the rabbit cage and I've loved him and taken care of him all this time, but I think he'd be happier in the outdoors.

Don't you, Mommy?


He'll probably be bird food soon, but we won't mention that. Who am I to argue? I can't believe the beetle lasted this long...he was supposed to be turtle food when he was just a meal worm. He never even should have lived to become a beetle. When I told Seth on January 11th, that he could keep that bug, I never dreamed it would live two weeks, let alone 3 months!

OK Seth. Let's do it! Go for it, kid!

Here Beetle, beetle, beetle.......

Come here Darkness!

There's a good boy!

I think he'll be happy in the compost pile, don't you mom?

He can snuggle down in the leaves and get nice and warm, and there are all these food scraps for him to eat if he gets hungry.

Good-bye Darkness!

Mom? Why are you doing that funny dance?


Jodi said...

I went back and read your first blog about Darkness and am in total amazement!

I do admire you and your family for your love of animals. I wish sometimes that I was more like that. You don't even want to know what we did with the little snake we found by our front porch this afternoon. Please don't think less of me!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Always an adventure unfolding at the Zoo. It is fun to be on the side line reading all about it. I will think of darkness when I see a beetle in the garden. I will wonder if it is his cousin that is here. As a matter of fact I think I saw his cousin in our garden today while I was pulling weeds.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

That's great. I can't tell you how many spiders we have released after catching them in the house. We never kept them as pet, however.

Missy said...

wow, that is kinda....icky to me. :) But that's just me, who is not a bug person!

Kristen said...

I have to say that I also can not believe he lived 3 months!!

No wonder bugs migrate inside in the Fall. They actually have a chance inside.

Hope Darkness is happy in his new surroundings!

mon@rch said...

Sounds like a fun adventure for the time that he had it! Probably the best thing to do though in letting it go!

Jayne said...

LOLOL Sherry. Ahem. Sorry. How noble for him to find Darkness such a good...err... home. I am sure he'll be SO happy there. (Almost as happy as mom that he's in a new home?)

Anonymous said...

OK, you found a good home for Darkness, now how about the geckos, & Dribble. My objection to the gecko is the cage, impossible to keep looking nice. Dribble the turtle would surely be happier out in the wild, wouldn't he? I'm the kind who doesn't like to see kids catch lightening bugs. I usually try to convince the kids they should look at them, then let them go to fly back to their families, & that idea usually works. Live & let live. from Grandma Eleanor

Hannah-Indiana said...

Wow, a beetle for a pet. I don't see that everyday. I can't believe a beetle would last three months. That's...interesting.

Seth is such a nice boy, letting his beloved beetle go out into the sunshine.

The dance is funny.


Beth from the Funny Farm said...

HILARIOUS!!! Tell that boy I've got a farm full of bugs like that!


Once, when I was about that age.. I found a good-sized piece of a hornet's nest. I liked it. I put it in my bottom dresser drawer.
Guess what... Lots of HORNETS HATCHED...

My mama found them...

Christine said...

I laughed at that! I had to think, though, has it really been three monthes? Wow, you are so brave.

Charmaine said...

Bye Darkness... into the sunshine! Way to go Seth!

Courtney said...

Awwww... gotta love the bugs!

Hope you enjoy your life in the compost, Darkness!

The Empty Nest said...

How the heck did he get that critter to last all that time? That's amazing.

Now, I hope that beatle appreciates that you saved his life and doesn't do damage to anything. We'll see.

Tera Rose said...

wow, this sounds like a sermon title......."can we let darkness go".

cute story.

Glad it was you with a pet beetle and not me.

I try to get them to keep their pets outside if they came from outside...

too many times worms and frogs have been washed and dryed in pockets of little boys pants...ewww

:) cute story.

Mel said...

Bye bye Darkness :)