Monday, April 14, 2008

Black Hole of Convention Time

There is just something inherent in girls. They love to shop no matter how old they are. Here are 3 young beauties sharpening their Internet browsing skills....

I love to shop...sometimes. But this week I feel overwhelmed. I have some MAJOR shopping to do, and I feel as if I'm in a black hole of despair.

Why? Because it's Homeschool Convention Week.

Once upon a time it was so much fun and so easy. That was when I was a young, innocent, enthusiastic homeschool mom. I would walk in, flit from booth to booth, speaker to speaker, take it all in and buy way toooo much. No way we could realistically use everything I bought.

Don't get me wrong, I still am enthusiastic. I am just wiser, shall we say, to the pitfalls of convention. Now I go armed. Armed with lists and blinders. Blinders so I do not succumb to the latest, greatest, newest, most fabulous curriculum that is sure to make your child want to get up at the crack of dawn, eagerly dive into their school work, and only kicking and screaming be drawn away from their books.

Excuse me while I dwell in that fantasy for a few more minutes....

Ok. Back to reality...

I'm much smarter now when I go to convention. Before convention I spend hours on the Internet figuring out what I need to purchase, what not to purchase. I spend hours talking to friends about what they use and recommend (or not). Then I spend hours going through what I already have. I always find surprises - previous purchases that were forgotten or worse yet, duplicates. I always find duplicates. I hate duplicates.

So, why am I in the black hole? On top of convention prep, for some reason I decided this week was the week to paint the boys' room. And somehow I have to find time to go to work to pay for all of that curriculum. And for some reason, this is the week that Grandma's car broke down. And for some reason, this is the week it has decided to get REALLY cold again. And for some reason, this is the week Victoria has decided the greatest delicacy known to dogdom is cat pooh-pooh. Oh yes. Not only that, but she feels the need to drag it around the house (lovely vision, isn't it?)

OK. I'm digressing.

Now, back to sorting books........

But really. How much curriculum does one need?

I think I need a Muncie hug, if you'll excuse me.


Carol said...

That is just gross about the cat pooh. Remind me not to let Victoria lick me... ever... gross.

Have fun at the convention.


Kathy said...

I might think Daisy had taught that trick to Victoria, except that they have never met. Sorry about the car.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Sherry, I understand what you mean about the HS Conventions. I used to spend so much money on books and my curriculum. It can definitely be overwhelming. It's easier now that I only have one homeschooling and he's in high school. I have most of what I need already, thankfully. I may go on Saturday anyway.

Kristen said...

Sorry to hear that it is all piling up right now. Hopefully, you will find something great that you of course needed at your convention!

Happy hunting!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Sorry Sherry, but if it make you feel any better Abby eats cat poo too. totally gross.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Some dogs do. Some dogs don't. Nobody knows dogs... ;-)

**hugs Sherry!** Try not to get to stressed.

Jodi said...

You make me laugh! I spent some time hanging out in your fantasy too!

All week I've been trying to think of ways that I might possibly be able to attend the convention--I LOVE convention! This will be the first one that I've missed in 8 years--and I have so much curriculum that I just wanted to look at!

Things are looking up--the weather is supposed to be pretty for the next few days, the rooms will soon be all painted and feel so fresh and clean, and sometime soon there will be a check from the government in your mailbox! The car? Well, I guess you could look on the bright side--broken car means not having to buy gas!

Have fun!
Love you!

{Happy Homes} said...

Ooooo, did my orange and yellow paint inspire you for the boys room?? I'm so sorry, for I bet we are in exactly the same upside down mess RIGHT before convention. I'm with you on Convention...Joey starts high school this year. ACK! Do your kids go with??

Eleanor said...

I'm the one with the broken car. It's a '96 Toyota with about 31,000 miles on it. That's right, 31000 miles. It needed new tires, a new belt, & a power steering fix. I guess it broke because it is 12 yrs old, not because it has too much mileage. Other than a new battery I have had no problems with it, it has performed well & reliably. (I am the one and only owner, tho I do let Sherry drive it) So I'm not complaining. Did you ever notice how something breaks down at the worst possible time?

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Have fun at the convention. That Victoria is just being a dog. Remember she is a dog. I just hate that vice they have of eating anything. UGH Be glad she doesn't roll in it too.

Cari said...

I got a free ticket to the convention for bad I already have what I need...and I have no money. So what am I going for?? hmmm. Anyway, have fun at the convention. Maybe I will see you there.. ;D

P.s. I had a dog who used to eat the rabbit dropping. Definitely not as gross but it made my stomach turn!

Tera Rose said...

That is exactly why I have AVOIDED home schooling conventions!

I found myself in the same shoes with all the conferences on autism.

I am thinking that there HAS to be a cheaper way to do this.......and REDUCE THE CLUTTER at the same time.

I just haven't found it yet..

I like some of what the unschoolers say but I am so afraid that I will get lost in the outdoors with my chidlren and forget to teach