Saturday, November 1, 2008

It Will Be Just Fine

Remember when you were little and your biggest worry this time of year was to find the "perfect pumpkin?"

Remember the joy of roasting marshmallows and getting them "just so"?

There's nothing quite as good as a s'more on a chilly fall evening. Especially one shared with your little cousin that lives far, far away (far enough away that it isn't cold there!)

Did that taste good little one? Did it taste better because Grand-daddy fixed it just for you?

Sorry....must slip in Sadie picture....

S1, the oldest, who lives far, far away in a land of warmth and sunshine, came to visit us last week. She brought her Daddy his grand babies.

2 little Grandsons. So sweet. Not a worry in the world (as long as their mommies are close by)!

Sweet little grand daughters. Their biggest worry right now is to make sure their clothes match.

Remember the hayrides of your youth? The fun and laughter. That warm feeling that comes from being with friends and family?

Who gave that kid a piece of gum?

Every kid should have an aunt and a couple of uncles just the right age to play with.

Aunts who hold your hand and sing songs with you and
mother you so your real mother can take a break
Uncles who torment you and play pretend.

I long for the days of childhood where a good fire, a mommy and daddy close by, and toasted marshmallows made all the problems of the world go away.
For right now, though, I worry. I worry about the elections and how far our country has sunk... How far we have come from the morals and philosophies that our country was founded upon.
I worry about the future for the babies and their babies.
Good thing God is on His throne and I can turn those worries over to Him.
He has a plan.
For each of us.
He is in control.
It will be just fine......

Go check out my friend Sticker's Blog.
Single Mom-of-four-extraordinaire, making it work. She could benefit greatly if Obama is elected, but she isn't voting for Obama. Check out her blog and find out why.
(unless you are a child, in which case have your mom read her post first).
Amen, sister, Amen.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What fun... this post brought up memories of my childhood. I have Aunts and Uncles not too much older than I. It was a fun childhood.

Tera Rose said...

The children are very beautiful!

my daughter and her cousin love to dress up matching too....

and I have aunts and uncles who are close to my parents were the oldest of families with 7 kids...

My uncle just had a baby last my last son is older than my cousin!

It's fun!

Mary said...

Sherry, what a sweet post - full of laughter and smiles...Yes, we remember the good old days. It seems you are enjoying them, still!

I'm a cynical person when it comes to politics...I'm cynical right now with election day tomorrow. Now I employ your message, "It will be alright".

Whoever wins the election, we must have faith. Let's face the fact: anyone who is a candidate for President of the US must be crazy.