Friday, October 24, 2008

Always Room in the Heart and Home

Aww...Muncie knows we still love her.

And even though Victoria was only supposed to be around 20 pounds full grown and now weighs 38 pounds, still growing, we love her too.

There is ALWAYS room for one more, don't you think?

Sadie has gained almost 5 pounds in the two weeks we've had her. I wonder if that's normal?

We've learned alot about Sadie.

She's SOOOO high maintenance to travel with....

She never holds still for pictures. And no one EVER wants to hold her, except Sophie of course.

"I'm soo sweet and innocent! I'm the PERFECT puppy!"

Doesn't she just melt your heart?
Who could deny that there is always room for one more, be it beast or man?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your three loving bundles of fur are so sweet. That Sadie is looking so much more alert. I bet she is a hand full. Such fun.

Carol said...

Let's see. She was 20 pounds when you got her, and she's gaining 5 pounds every 2 weeks. So if she does that for a year, she'll way 20 plus 26 x 5 equals 150 pounds. That's a lot of dog!

Hannah-Indiana said...

Are these the pictures we took at my house? They turned out awesome! She's so cute!

Missy said...

Look at those darling little puppy eyes! So cute!

Kathy said...

She is a very cute puppy. I just spent time with her and Grandma and I will have to say Sadie is sweet.

Dog_geek said...

Awwwww.... congrats on the new addition. Your kids are so lucky to grow up in a house where there's always room for one more!

Robin's Nesting Place said... Sadie going to sleep with Sophie? She'll need a really big bed!
We had a Newfoundland and she was HUGE! I can't imagine sleeping with her.

Sadie is a cutie for sure!

I saw the book you mentioned on someone else's blog, 23 Minutes in Hell. I have the follow-up book and it certainly is thought provoking.

Mary said...

My daughter will agree with you. She has an English Bulldog and a very large Boxer mix. 130 pounds of dog. And a cat.

I drawa the line...