Sunday, November 30, 2008

The LIttle Christmas Bell

I love the holidays. For Thanksgiving we always go to the Oldest Sister's house.

These noodles, of course!

Her youngest daughter is the absolute bestest noodle maker I know. (The funny thing about our family is that the best cooks seem to be the next generation, rather than our generation.) I'm very thankful for these noodles. They are part of our Thanksgiving tradition and it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without Becca's noodles.

Another Thanksgiving tradition is to race home and put up the Christmas tree.

The best Christmas memory ever? This little ornament....

When we were little, my brothers and sisters and I whiled away many hours of Christmas anticipation by playing "Hide-the-Bell". One person would hide the little bell and then the others would try and find it.

5 or 6 years ago at Christmas time, my mom told each us to pick our favorite ornament and take it home with us. I chose the bell, and my gardening sister has never gotten over it. (Only because she didn't think of it first!).

For years, she has threatened to steal the bell. My own children worry and stew about this each year. For two years, the bell remained hidden, but this year I convinced the kids that we should display the bell. After all, how much fun is it to have the bell if you hide it away?

So, this year, we put the bell out and displayed it in a special place, guessing that the gardening aunt would be looking for it in the tree.

Just imagine our dismay when we came home from church this morning to find this note in place of the bell. Our greatest fears had been realized! It was GONE! The Gardening Aunt had finally done it! She had STOLEN the Christmas Bell!

No. Not really..... Just the humor of the gardening aunt at play.

Dear Sophie and the others
(how did she guess that it is Sophie who covets and worries over the bell the most?)
It's me, the little Christmas Bell.
I'm not where I was before.
I've moved!
Can you find me?
Here are 3 clues:
Bells don't grow on trees.
Bells have guardian angels.
Bells don't travel long distances.
I hope you find me before Christmas!
The Little Bell.

We did find the Little Bell....
and another tradition continues to the next generation.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a sweet story.

Hannah-Indiana said...

Oh, how funny!

See you soon!


Carol said...

Now, just because I was there doesn't mean I hid that bell. What proof do you have!?

I was impressed w/ how quickly Sophie found that note where the bell was... she's watching it closely!

Carol, The Gardening Aunt

Laurie and company said...

for some reason, your background isn't coming up so it's impossible to read your light print...bummer. I will check back later...the noodles look scrumptious!!

Missy said...

mmmmm, noodles.... YUM!

Happy belated Thanksgiving!

Diana said...

what a sweet tradition. That's what the holidays are all about. Happy Thanksgiving.

Laurie and company said...

ok, now I can see it and what a fun have inspired me to find something like this to start for my kids and hopefully their kids. how cute!!
glad Sophie doesn't have to worry about the bell anymore this year.


Stickers said...

Sophie needs to learn how to make those noodles so we can come eat them at your house!


Anonymous said...

Becca has competition this year for the best noodles. I made the noodles this year! She had the easy job of rolling them out, while I made them!


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

How fun.

Annie in Austin said...

Hilarious, Sherry - that gardening sister sure likes to keep things lively.
Since the poem includes a List of 3 items and spurs the readers to action it looks like Carol's work to me.

The noodle tradition looks both delicious and unique - glad you all had a fine Thanksgiving.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

PS glad you found the battery charger for your camera!