Thursday, June 5, 2008

Love in the air, dead plants, boring school

Love is in the air here at the zoo....

There is an air of romance here at the zoo. Someone is in love. She spends hours talking and flirting with her boyfriend. She plots how to spend time with him after we've told her no...she is too young to date. She goes so far as to sneak over to his house when we are not looking.

Opps, sorry there. Am I interrupting a private conversation?

Meet the object of Victoria's crush.....

He's a younger man. Two weeks younger to be exact. I've let our neighbors know that if Victoria and Sebastian get married and have puppies, they get half. Sounds fair doesn't it?

I think she'll be paying a little visit to the vet soon. I don't think many people would be banging on our door for a 1/2 toy poodle, 1/2 sorta australian shepherd/blue-tick hound/whatever-else-is-in-there puppy.

Speaking of puppies....there's a new one in the family. This is Victora and Muncie's cousin, Lady Agnes of Laurelwood, pictured here with her mom and brother.

Mom is the "non-gardening" aunt. She's not that short, it's just her son is soo tall (yes - he is a football player. Thanks for asking. He just finished his sophomore year in college - offensive lineman. Yes, he does get a lot of playing time. Yes, I know. But I'm allowed to brag - it's my blog after all).

Aggie is a sweet, sweet dog. Her mom and dad are "those kind of parents." She follows a very strict schedule. I think she was getting ready to go home for scheduled naptime when this picture was taken.

Speaking of gardening, here is my "dead clematis". I killed it last year when I cut it to the ground. Prince Charming was so mad at me (as mad as he gets - LOL)

Doesn't it look just awful? I really damaged it didn't I?

Speaking of damage (I definitely am struggling with flight of ideas today), look what the cats brought in. Poor thing.

Have you ever looked at a dragonfly in the eye? They are such a beautiful blue. So blue they don't even look real.

Esther is so bored with this post.

Me too. We are boring today. Boring, boring, boring. When everyone else is winding down their school year, we wind ours up. We like to play in the spring and the fall, so we work hard in the summer and the winter. We've just started our new school year and are hitting the books pretty hard. Boring, boring, boring......
So boring that Victoria feels the need to eat the table to break up the monotony.

For gosh sake's, Victoria! Quit it! Are we really driving you that crazy?


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It sounds like there is plenty of activity around the zoo Sherry. Poor Victoria needs a good L-O-N-G walk every day. Plus some obedience training. Can't that be part of your school curriculum? Call it gym class. You could get extra credit for that wouldn't you?? It does sound like Victoria should be going to the vet soon too. However I can see why she thinks the neighbor is such a handsome dude. It must be that long hair, I mean fur. Your clematis looks great this year. It probably needed a hair cut what with the drought last year. It was so hot here today. UGH...97. We are having those "feels like" days already. It is wise to have school when it is too hot to be outside. I don't blame you. I actually painted today. The first time in some time due to all the garden work done while it is so pretty outside. Now all I have to do is pull the upstart weeds and watch the garden grow from the patio doors. I hate the heat and humidity. I will try not to whine. I will shut up now. I am sorry I rambled so. I guess it is just one of those days.

Hannah-Indiana said...

Wow! Victoria is growing fast, don't you think? I know I've only seen her like twice, but to me she's grown a lot!

Okay, that dragonfly is gross up close, I'm sorry! The sight of them doesn't bug me as much as spiders or wasps, though. LOL!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I think and poodle/australian shepherd/blue tick hound mix puppies would be way cute.

SuzyQ said...

I miss being bored in the summer - sometimes I think we try to do too much. Especially this week - I am so exhausted but yet I still try to get out and do something fun because it is nice out - sigh.

Tera Rose said...

ok- you cant blame victoria- I mean it is spring- and that boy dog is way too cute!

I say go ahead and mix them- they would have adorable pups! I'll take one.

I have clematis I got to figure out how to grow one of them. That and year.

nothing boring about your post, nothing at all.

We are about to gear up this summer- two goals- walking everyday to help one of them get some winter weight off (no diets here just walking)....AND HANDWRITING WILL HAPPEN this year !

So we will wake up, walk, handwrite, PLAY...handwrite....PLAY...handwrite...PLAY...

so come fall, all those doctors who say he might not handwrite- will be fooled once again!

hey- don't forget to get to the beach or do something summery....

Anonymous said...

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