Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthdays, Weddings and Fireworks

You're embarrassing me! Don't make me go out there! don't need to make a big deal out of my birthday....

Hurry up and take the picture before anyone sees me....

Muncie isn't impressed with her gift bag...

Victoria's interests definitely lie elsewhere...

But, since Muncie first became a part of our family, Miss Sophia has ALWAYS insisted on making a formal occasion out of her birthday. This year's birthday wasn't as elaborate as last years which was complete with dog-bone shaped meat loafs, a dog cake, and dog decorations everywhere.

There were other big events taking place in the family that detracted somewhat from Muncie's birthday bash.

Someone is getting married! And it isn't Seth! (Much as he wishes this were his bride, I think he's a little young for her, not to mention she is his cousin!)

BUT, he is the perfect age to be the ring bearer!

Such a BIG responsibility!

Cousin, teacher extraordinaire, bestest babysitter in the whole world

Recent college graduate (with honors!)

Today is HER day!

Here Comes the Bride! Here Comes the Bride!

And ok. I guess it's HIS day as well. Her Knight in Shining Armour,

A WONDERFUL young man and he adores her.

They look so young, but I guess they really are old enough to get married. They both graduated from college this spring, both gainfully employed, ready to embark on the rest of their lives.

But something is wrong here!

She was MY flower girl. How could MY flower girl be old enough to marry and have my son as her ring-bearer? How could this have happened? How could time have flown by so quickly?

She was just a little girl yesterday. Just a sweet, little, girl playing with my babies. Now she's all grown-up, graduated with honors from college, and her choice of teaching positions (she was blessed to get more than one job offer). NOW SHE'S GETTING MARRIED!

Can we just turn the clock back a little bit? Just to when you were a little baby carrying your baby dolls around, dragging a blanket? Next thing you know, you'll be carrying REAL babies around and dragging REAL baby blankets.....

But not your cousin!

Bachelor till the rapture is his mantra.

I can't believe you got him to wear a pink tie! A picture that I copied and presented to his mother by the way. I don't think he's worn a suit since he graduated from high school.

His mom, the sister-who-doesn't-garden, was the wedding wonder lady. Every wedding needs one. The go-to person who has all the answers, tells everyone where to be when, and intercepts emergencies before they reach the mother-of-the-bride or the bride herself. She played her part magnificently, and I know was very appreciated by all.

I always think of weddings as a kind of a happy/sad event. It's always kind of a let-down and an emotional choke watching the bride and groom drive away, so I'll save you from those pictures. It's just so symbolic of the start of their new lives together. They leave and set off on this romantic journey called life, and leave the rest of us waving good-bye. It's just such a reminder of how life is a rapidly moving journey and it's over in a blink of an eye.

But, this year, I was distracted from dwelling on the sentimental aspect of it all, because we had an important event to attend after the wedding....

The Annual Community Fireworks.

We got there a mere 3 hours early to stake out the prime spots. While we were waiting, the wedding wonder lady's (that's a term of endearment, remember) oldest son entertained the kids.

Entertainment meaning wrestling, throwing, tackling, and just good-ole rowdiness.

I don't believe Sophie wants to get in the middle of that dog-fight.

That's OK. Before long the firework display was in full bloom.


I think she's had along day.

Night-night. Sleep tight!


Charmaine said...

I csn't believe you had the energy to go to the fireworks after a wedding!! Wow!

Kristen said...

What a wonderful day!

And seriously, if you know the trick to make the kids stop growing up and continue carrying their own baby blankets. PLEASE SHARE!!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful day with us! :)

Hannah-Indiana said...

Seth is sooooo cute/handsome in that suit! The fireworks were cool. We had a great time with y'all!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This post is a keeper Sherry. What a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing with us. You are quite right when you say the bride and groom look too young to be getting married. I am beginning to think I am too old because everyone is looking so much younger than I am. Sigh~~~

Carol said...

It surely was a wonderful day. Sunny skies, beautiful bride, handsome groom, and all of us there to enjoy the wedding and reception afterwards. I bet your three young'uns slept good last night and were slow to get up this morning!

Missy said...

How cool that you have known the bride for such a long time, and that your son even got to be in the wedding. They are an adorable couple!
And I LOVE fireworks! I can't wait until this weekend!

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

lovely wedding pix...your niece is adorable! Seth was very handsome in his wedding get up!

The pic of your sis sleeping while we all watched the fireworks is priceless!! Twas an interesting night! :)

Love ya LY

Anonymous said...

A great recap of the day...beautiful bride and a beautiful all around.

Christine said...

What a perfect day!

Kathy said...

My favorite post yet, but being the mother of the bride, I would naturally like this one best. Maybe some day her child will be in Seth's wedding. If he waits a while to get married. Keep the tradition going.

Jodi said...

This post made me laugh and cry! Dog-gone you, Sherry! :)

What a fun weekend you had!

And you are right--every wedding needs a Wedding-Wonder-Lady! I love the picture of her much-deserved rest.

Tera Rose said...

what an action packed day- looks like you had a lot of fun...

and the bride and groom are gorgeous....

not looking forward to those days yet....


mon@rch said...

You must have many birthdays . . . wonderful celebrating a wedding and always better with the bang of fireworks!

Eleanor said...

I am so proud of my family, all generations of them. How could I be so fortunate? God has truly blessed me.