Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Miracle

It's a MIRACLE - a MIRACLE I tell you! Something has happened in this household that has never happened before, and will likely never happen again. Are you ready?
Scroll down.......

Are you sitting down?


THEY ARE ALL EMPTY! Every last one of them!

Gosh durn it, Esther - you're ruining my picture!

Now I'm happy.....


Carol said...

Hey, where did you hide your dirty clothes?? Did the birthday fairy come and take them all away?

Happy Birthday, Sherry!!

Your favorite gardening sister!

Kathy said...

Someday your children will go to college and will give you a gift like I received. A Purdue tee shirt that says "Love and Clean Laundry Purdue Mom". Now, when you have piles of laundry in the future, you will have these pictures to prove that it is possible to have it all done at one time. Happy Birthday!

Kathy, the older sister

athomemama said...

amazing, simply magnificent!! whatta lovely birthday gift to give yourself.

love ya, pal,