Saturday, December 29, 2007

Grandma's Hero!

Sherry? Sherry! We need you...come here!

Uh oh....This doesn't look good......

This REALLY doesn't look good. Not my idea of a good time. Don't I have to go to the grocery, or something else exciting and fun?

I'm saved! My hero! He did it!

I guess not....Will the REAL hero please look at me.....

Ta Da! All done! Thanks Sophie! You take such good care of Grandma!

Thanks Uncle Alan and Aunt Leigh for the great Christmas present you got for Grandma! (Didn't know that, did you?)


athomemama said...

OOOOOOOOO, I'm so glad you are becoming a blog sister...not only are you one of my dear BFFx4 sister's but now dear blog sis!! Ya!!
Love it!! Love it..Sophie is a hero!! Go Sophie!!
Welcome to the bloggin' world!

Carol said...

Nicely done. That Sophie sure is handy, isn't she? Hey, now she won't be a guest blogger on my blog any more. You'll have her writing for you!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

eleanor said...

As I sit at my desk reading Sherry's new blog I have one of the aformentioned zoo animals sitting on my arms swishing her tail in my face. It is Diamond, the mother of three of the other cats. For some reason she has staked out my room as her territory. She does have a temper tho & if irritated she will slash her claws on my arm. The last time she did that to me (about a month ago) I shook my finger in her face & said 'Diamond don't you ever do that to me again' in a mother's sternest voice. And you know what, she hasn't done it again to me. Maybe I got thru to her. Back to Sherry. Enjoy your blogging. You & Carol can have a competition