Saturday, May 17, 2008


Ummm....watcha lookin' at Victorina?


Watcha doin' Sophie?

" Excavating....want to see all the cool stuff I've found at the bottom of this old compost pile?"

Old compost pile is right. This is the corner that 40 years ago, we used to burn the trash each evening....back when trash burning was allowed. For those of you old enough, remember the smell? It was kind of a pleasant, comforting smell, dont' you think? This corner hasn't seen a fire for many, many years. We did use it for compost once upon a time, but I dont' think it's been touched for the last 5 years or so.

Nothing like getting right down in there and "experiencing" the dirt.

"It's all in the name of Science, Mother Dearest!"

It's hard to see, but she has unearthed old coke bottles, glass fingernail bottles, and other mysterious items that should have never been in the burn pile to begin with. No, Carol, there were no marbles or other childhood treasures. At least not that I know of.....or not the last time I asked. They've been digging back there a lot lately. Looking for more buried treasure I suppose.

BTW...the compost was EXCELLENT! It has been sitting there for years and years. The dirt is rich, black, and beautiful. I should know. I used a lot of it as I planted six flats of flowers today. I would show you the pictures, but that would requiring movement, and I'm too sore to move from this spot. I think I shall stay here forever.......

Another by the way....we've been doing more than just digging in the dirt and planting flowers. We went to see the new Narnia movie yesterday, Prince Caspian. EXCELLENT movie! The kids and I loved it. Well worth the money and missing a bright sunny day outdoors.

We've also moved on to a new book series that we are addicted to: The Dragons in Our Midst series. The first one is Raising Dragons. This is a series of four books by Bryan Davis, that are too good to put down. We actually read the second one straight through by accident. It took about 9 hours and my voice was hoarse, but we couldn't find a non-suspenseful place to stop! Seriously! We're in book 3 right now, and the kids are glaring at me.

It's time to read.

They're waiting.... Not very patiently......

Night-night everyone!


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Isn't that tired feeling just wonderful?? I bet you will be delighted with your plantings when you go out there all rested to have a look at how they are doing.

Carol said...

What? No marbles? But I know I lost my marbles somewhere back there, or at least I've been told once or twice that I've lost my marbles... If you find any, let me know...

Laurie and the rest of 'em said...

o what fun!! Sophie looked like she had a fun time!! and all those treasures!!

Um, yeah, so you can pass your Dragon books on to us...and we promise, promise, pinky promise that we will take such good care of them, that you will be looking for more books to loan to us, of the book deprived Morgan County Library patrons!! And thank you!

I'm so glad you blogged!! I be lovin' yo' blog, sista!



Mary said...

Hi Sherry!

Ahhh...the smell of dirt. When I was a kid, we weren't happy unless we played in dirt.

A nice hot bath before reading time? Yeah...


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Hi Sherry, I love finding good old compost.

You just gave me some great summer reading ideas for my boys.



Tera Rose said...

So that is what they did with trash. LOL

We bought this house 7 years ago and began to wonder if it is located on a dump!

Every time we till another corner- we unearth STUFF....coke bottles from the cans....a pool liner once....and believe it or not a huge metal automotive chain got caught in our roto til spokes.

We started cracking jokes, "you know you are a redneck when.....

you pull beer cans out of the garden soil...."

Our home is more rural than either of us had lived-so we had NO IDEA.

burning trash.

ok I digress.....

She just may find something in that soil worth something.

We keep looking for truffles- thinking that if we could sell some we could fix up this old house!


Robin's Nesting Place said...

My two saw the movie yesterday and liked it too.

I bet your new plants will thrive in the rich composted soil. I look forward to seeing pictures of what you planted.

Mel said...

Haven't seen the movie yet...
I love it when you talk about the books you read, reminds me of my childhood and makes me smile over something lost for many.

Luke A. said...

You saw it?! How could you go and not invite the only perfect person in the world?? Heh-heh.

Luke A.

Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Thanks for the new book series tip! I'm going to check out that series.