Friday, September 19, 2008

Special Guest Post

Once again, I've been called upon to do a guest post for my baby sister.
She's so bbbbuuuussssyyy you know. So much going on.

You know she homeschools her kids, right?

I wonder if they are celebrating International Talk Like A Pirate Day today? I just found out about it myself, and since I'm usually a step ahead (I am older and wiser), I bet they aren't.

But if they were, arrrggghhh, that would be something to hear!

Here are a few more things Sherry has learned from me, being as how, like I said, I'm older and wiser.

1. Everything about Gardening! (I never miss a chance to add a link to my blog, do I?)

2. Our grandma kept a diary and it is fascinating to read all the way through. I've been posting it for 2 years, and 9 months. Hey, if you've got some time, go back and start from the beginning to read it and get caught up. The last diary entry is in just a few months on December 31st.

3. Iced green tea from Starbucks is a lot better, and better for you, than diet Coke from McDonald's. (She's still working on learning this lesson.)

4. It's easier to grow vegetables in raised beds. See above about gardening. (Look another link!)

5. The proper way to use a hoe. (I assume Sherry isn't embarrased that I have the largest hoe collection in the world, at least the largest on the world wide web.)

Well, I could go on and on, there's so much, but time is short for me, too.

Leave a comment and tell Sherry how much you like these guest posts!

Oh, and I know that Sherry's posts are usually full of pictures and all, but I couldn't find a picture, so you all will just have to settle on that one hosta picture above that I took in her backyard.

Hope you all have a great day!
Carol, May Dreams Gardens, and Sherry's Sister.


Tim said...

I love talk like a pirate day!!

I also checked out you gARRRRdening blog...nice work!

Annie in Austin said...

Are you sure that Captain Sherry isn't tied up somewhere while you take over her ship?
I looked you up on the pirate name generator and you're not Maydreams Carol... you're the Pirate "Calico" Shakira Dread!

Annie AKA Pirate Fruitless Carolyn Bellamy

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Ahoy matey. It is good to see that your Sister of the Skipper wrote a little chanty for us. She probably threatened to make you walk the plank if you didn't. AArrrrggghh