Friday, July 17, 2009


My daughter wants a new puppy.  Would someone please tell her that she has enough animals already?  2 puppies in one year's time is plenty.  

Besides, when they go from this:

To this:

In only a few month's time, and are showing no signs of slowing down their growth rate, I think they should count as more than one puppy. Don't you?

Victoria certainly does.


Carol said...

Yes, no more puppies! Sadie is still "technically" a puppy since she isn't yet a year old...

Simplicity said...

You are an expert in this area...what, in your opinion, is the best family dog?

Good to see you, Sherry!

Sherry at the Zoo said...

The thing about dogs is they all different and they all have endearing qualities that make them "the best". Muncie is the best foot warmer because dachshunds love to burrow, so she burrows under the covers and keeps your feet warm. BUT, she is HORRIBLE with other people. They call dachshunds "ankle biters" for a reason!

Victoria is a great dog, very smart, eager to please, very obedient, but you can't take her anywhere because she barks uncontrollably when she sees a stranger and she looks mean, although I don't think she would bite.

Sadie is WONDERFUL! She is a bump on a log. Very sweet, very gentle. But boy does she shed! Tumbleweeds rather than dust bunnies - LOL!
We've also been told that when we aren't home and she is in her cage, if someone comes over, she growls at them. But she's never growled in our presence. It scares me to think of what that dog could do if she felt her family was threatened!

That's what makes it hard to not want more dogs....because you know that all dogs, like all people, have a lot of great qualities and a lot of love to give.....

Diana said...

Sherri -- you are so lucky that all your animals get along so well. I wouldn't push my luck! My husband says 2 big dogs in our house is enough -- if I get a third dog, he goes! Sometimes I wonder ...!!!! Just kidding! All of yours are just adorable.