Monday, July 21, 2008

Memories and Weeds

But they said to walk! Really, they did! The nurses said to walk so that she could practice walking on feet rather than toes....a rather novel idea for Sophie, the infamous tip-toe walker.....

But they didn't know Sophie. They didn't know that when they told her to walk and told her the more she practiced walking on her feet rather than her toes, the sooner she would see results and get those casts of that she would take them for their word and walk 2 -3 miles per day.

The result? Blisters, sores, and NEW casts. At least these are sort of creative, don't you think? And they match her skirt.

She wasn't at ALL happy about it when they told her to stay off of her feet all weekend to let the blisters and sores heal. SOOOO BORREEDDDD........

BUT THEN! God the McDonald's drive-thru.....picking up 49 cent cheeseburgers! Who should appear in my rear view mirror shouting my name? Mel-Mel-'s Mom! (Hi Laurie!).

So.....I kidnapped her daughter.........(I'll return her someday, Laurie, don't worry!)

Sophie was SOOO excited! So, in the last 24 hours, Laurie, we have introduced your daughter to Wii Fit.......

After you ever seen 3 tweens more engrossed in exercise?

Look at that concentration on that girl's face!

Sophie's in charge, cracking the electronic whip. Stretch Mel! STREtch!

Unfortunately all that hard exercise makes for some hungry kids. So, Laurie, we took your daughter to Steak and Shake for supper, Mrs. Curls for dessert (I think she had a large twist cone), Panera bagels for breakfast (with Hazelnut cream cheese), and NOW they are making cookies.... But hey, what 10 year old little girl sleepover is complete without a homemade batch of cookies?

The cookies are in the oven right now. I didn't stay there with them while they mixed up the batch...I figured it was time for them to follow a recipe and fly on their own. BUT, they decided to add some left over hazelnut coffee (ummm...did I tell you, Laurie, that I let them have coffee this morning? After only 1 hour of sleep last night I thought they might need it...), and hazelnut creamer, and hazelnut extract. I'm kind of worried about these cookies, they are really liquidity and aren't thickening up at all....ummmm....wonder why?

Oh, well...that's how they learn. They are having fun and making memories. That's what counts.

Meanwhile, some weed fairies have invaded my garden and in one night have completely taken over! (hee, hee!) I thought that when my sister said to EMBRACE THE WEEDS, she meant to learn to live with them. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it).

What a mess! Are there any vegetables in there? Please?

 the Zinnia's!

Ahhh!!! Green Beans! I knew there was something under all those weeds!

Hope everyone is having a great summer and making lots of sweet memories!



Beth from the Funny Farm said...

Ahhh... Girlfriends!!!

That does the trick everytime!

How do you like Wii fit? I've been thinking about getting it for us too.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Girls just want to have fun. That WII is a fun thing to do. I don't have one but have played at other peoples house. I haven't seen the exercise WII.

Don't worry about those weeds. They will be there when you take the time to thin them out.

Carol said...

Sherry, I said to embrace WEEDING, not weeds. And that Sophie, such an overachiever. She must take after her wonderful Aunt Carol!

Christine said...

I am so behind on my weeding, too. But, they'll be there when I get to them! I'm glad Sophie could have a day with her friend.

Tera Rose said...

LOVE the new cast...poor girl.

great post. I got lost in your gardens, personally, they are BEAUTIFUL and the weeds ADD CHARACTER!

(yeah that's what I tell myself too).

Mary said...

Hi Sherry!

Wow. So much to comprehend here! Your gardens are great. I love them.

And the girls are sweet. I love the photos you show. Sometimes I miss the wild times with kids in the house. Really, I do. I imagine you have as much energy as your sister, or more.

Oh, I and like your new look!!!

Take care,